Fat Judy and other things

Cherie was horrified when she first saw Judy and Sheena.   They were badly malnourished when I bought them and almost unbelievably skinny.  I felt bad about having brought them home and I said we could just isolate them from the rest of the goats and I’d take them to market at the first opportunity.  But Cherie would have none of that.  She insisted that we were going to get them healthy.  It took a while and quite a bit of effort, but we did.  They’re now happy and healthy.  They even kidded in the last year, both producing healthy twin females. 

But we’re having a problem with Judy now.  Of all thing, she is too fat.  I’m afraid she may be bloated from eating too much clover, so we’ve put her up in a stall where we’re just giving her dry hay for a while.  The day I brought her home I never would’ve guessed we’d end up having to put her on a diet.

I picked some turnip greens this morning.  They are one of my favorite foods and they’re a seasonal marker around here.  If you’re eating fresh turnip greens, that means it’s Fall.

Our Fall crops were a mixed bag this year.  The broccoli came in great and we have an abundance of it.  The spinach and kale didn’t come up at all.  The turnpip and mustard greens are well below average, but sufficient to keep us fed.  One of the great things about the way we farm/garden is that we aren’t completely dependent upon a single crop.  If the weather isn’t right for something, there always seems to be something else that fills the gap. 

Later I had to do something I intensely dislike.  I killed and cleaned a young rooster.  The straight run of Rhode Island Red chicks we recently bought surprisingly yielded only three roosters.  But it creates too much stress on the hens to keep more than two, so one had to go. 

I absolutely hate killing animals, but as long as I continue to eat meat, I don’t plan to eat any animals that I didn’t hunt or personally raise and kill.  And, thanks to that rooster, this year at Thanksgiving I will be one of very, very few Americans who will eat the meat of an animal that was raised humanely and never given any non-therapuetic antibiotics. 

Love Wins

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