Sunrise is especially beautiful this time of year.  The morning sun seems to make the gold on the leaves glow.  As shafts of light come through the woods illuminating some of the leaves, but not yet all of them, the effect is breathtaking.

The Fall leaves are beautiful because they are colorful.  They are colorful because they are decaying.  Things are dying in the Fall, and that makes them more beautiful.  It is death that we can accept, endure and even celebrate, however, because we know it is temporary.  We may brace ourselves for the Winter (in the old days maybe more than now), but we do so with the assurance that there will be a Spring.  What has seemed to die, will live again.  With Spring will come a renewal of life.  So we don’t have to be frightened or saddened by the death that comes with Fall.

Later today a community of family and friends will gather to say goodbye to my Grandpa.  Communally, we will offer our respects in the traditional way–a funeral and a burial.  Individually, we have said our goodbyes privately and personally. 

He lived life well.  It saddens me to know that he is not with us anymore.  But, I know that for Grandpa, and for all of us, there will be a Spring.

Love Wins