Kids and other things

We have nine new kids on the farm now.  Although we have one more nanny who may be pregnant, she’s probably just fat.  Everything went smoothly on this cycle.  All the kids were born healthy and alive.  Six males and three females.  As regular readers know, we name the animals that are going to remain on the farm.  So White Flint welcomes Penny, Justine and Sherry (along with six little billies).

The next group of mamas are due in late December.

Lately our egg production has gone way down.  The hens either have a nest we don’t know about, they’re taking a break as the season changes, or they’re just getting old.  It may be a combination of those things.

I know we need to add some youth and vigor to our flock.  We added some chicks a few months ago who should begin laying soon.  And today I bought 10 two-week old pullets, which we’re now brooding in the barn.  It doesn’t look like our egg shortage is going to last long.

The gardens are giving us broccoli, swiss chard, peppers, mustard greens and turnip greens.

Love Wins