It’s finally completely gone.

It’s been years since T.V. was part of my life.  I quit watching it seven or eight years ago and have never  regretted that decision.  But even though we have had no T.V. in Tampa (where until recently I spent most of my weekdays) for years, we still had it here on the farm.  I never watched it and Cherie only rarely did (sometimes for the news or a yoga program).  We kept it because the kids liked to have it.  Although we discouraged them from watching T.V., we never forbade it.   On their breaks from school they’d often turn it on while eating lunch–Will on the history channel and Peyton on a silly gameshow.  But most of the time it just sat their silently, generating a monthly bill but doing nothing to earn it.

So a few weeks ago Cherie cancelled our service.  Good riddance.   Televison shows were invented to capture an audience for commercials.  Television rots the brain and the soul. 

As Cherie mentioned on her blog recently, it is very common to hear folks complaining about television.  They rightfully observe that the commercials promote overconsumption, insecurity and debt.  Almost all the shows glamorize immorality.  Watching television (at least watching what dominates the airwaves) is bad for our culture and bad for ourselves.  Yet most of the same people who KNOW that to be true, and who complain about it regularly, nevertheless continue to watch it. 

What might happen if half of America quit watching television?  Maybe they’d go for a walk after supper.  Maybe they’d read more books.  Maybe they’d play games together as a family.  Maybe they’d be less inclined to follow the path laid before them by Hollywood and Madison Avenue.  Maybe they’d be more inclined to go a better way.

Love Wins