Whiteflint News

Yesterday I planted garlic.  Depending upon how you look at it, it’s either the last planting of the year or the first.  Either way, hopefully early next summer we’ll have a fine crop of garlic.  

Sometime in the next week (before the first frost) we’ll get up the sweet potatoes.  I’m expecting a great harvest.

The turnip greens, mustard greens, Swiss chard and kale are just now starting to grow.  Whether we’ll be able to harvest much remains to be seen.  The spinach never came up, so I tilled that garden, planted the garlic there and sowed the rest in clover.  The weather is different every year, of course, and this year’s extreme heat just didn’t favor Fall crops.  But the hot dry summer made for a great year for blackeyed peas and (I believe) sweet potatoes.  Too bad we didn’t grow okra this year, since it loves hot dry weather too.

The broccoli is just now starting to head up.  It too is a race against Jack Frost. 

We have just a few tomato plants still producing.  Once I’m sure we’re going to get frost, I’ll pick them all and bring them inside to ripen.

The peppers (sweet and hot) are still coming in strong.  We’ve put away lots of them and I made my own crushed red peppers for the first time ever this year.

We also still have eggplant.  Way more than we can eat, but we’re trying.

Six nannies are due to start kidding in the next few weeks.  Our oldest, Nellie, is huge.  Hard to believe she’ll make it a few more weeks.  She had quads the last time and that may be what she’s carrying again.

I still haven’t managed to get the groundhog who’s been feasting in our gardens.  And now I also have a  beaver in our pond to worry about.

The fields are mostly mowed and the leaves are changing.

It’s a stunningly beautiful time of year.

Love Wins