Asbury Reader

For anyone looking for a good daily inspirational/devotional reader, I highly recommend the Asbury Reader, which is put out by folks from my seminary.  Go to it, here:

This semester the Reader is themed “The Meal is the Mission.”  The daily readings are broken into sections titled “Orient Attention” (today, for example, it is something from Thomas a Kempis’ Imitation of Christ, which is being featured in this Reader), “Remember the Story” (Scripture, which throughout this semester is from Acts), “Ponder Implications” (which today is  a poem from St. Salito of Sardis), “Aim Attention” (usually a Scriptural follow-through, today being  from James), and “Do This” (which today is a suggestion to go to a home for the elderly and visit folks who don’t usually get visitors).

The “Do This” part of it is always challenging and thought-provoking.  Take a look back at some of the suggestions.

I try to begin part of every morning with a few minutes in the Asbury Reader

Love Wins