A Jailbreak

That’s how Cherie described what happened while I was away last week.

I had three of our nanny goats in the barn pasture, anticipating that they might be kidding soon.  They didn’t look pregnant.  Still, to be safe, I kept them near the barn.

Meanwhile, the rest of the grown-up girls were in the back pasture with our buck Johnny.  Because they aren’t due any time soon, and because some of them are being bred, they didn’t get to hang out at the barn.

Evidently this arrangement didn’t suit them.  Whether it was the goats in the back pasture who wanted to get in on the daily taste of sweet feed that comes with being in the barn pasture, or whether it was the goats in the barn pasture who wanted more intimate contact with Johnny, somehow they broke through the gate.   

So when I got home they were all happily lounging at the barn.  Johnny seemed particularly pleased, not only with the additional female companionship, but also to be back in the company of his old friend Rowan, our thoroughbred gelding.   

At some point in about a month I’m going to have to separate the goats about to give birth from those who aren’t.  That will be a pain.  But until then I’m just going to leave them as they are.  For any of y’all who aren’t familiar with the smell of a full grown billy goat, I can assure you that it is unforgettable.   If his aroma starts making it all the way to our house, then I may have to change plans.  But for now, we’ll just let Johnny enjoy his time out of exile.

Love Wins