Goat Shuffling

We got a lot of goat wrangling done yesterday.  Pictured above are two of my little helpers.

I eartagged four doelings (Marie, Fancy, Holly and Peggy) and separated them from their mothers (Suzy, Wednesday and Gypsy) for weaning.  We moved the mamas to the back pasture where they’ll spend some time with our buck Johnny so they can hopefully present us with some new kids in February.  We moved the little nannies to the front pasture to live with the other young females until they’re old enough to be bred.  Finally, we loaded up Gypsy’s little buckling and took him to market.

Market day is always kind of tough here.  We treat our animals humanely, so they naturally end up tame and friendly.  To me, it seems that the little bucklings we take to market feel like we’ve betrayed their trust.  But that is the the way of the farm, and it’s impossible to raise goats without selling the little billys.

Having my friend Jeremy to help made a morning of goat wrangling much easier than it otherwise would have been. 

Closed a beautiful day with a celebration of my awesome sister’s wedding.

Life is good.

Love Wins