Christianity and War

The Church Father Justin Martyr described the peaceful nature of the early Christians: “We who hated and slew one another, and because of differences in customs would not share a common hearth with those who were not of our tribe, now, after the appearance of Christ, have become sociable, and pray for our enemies, and try to persuade those who hate us unjustly, in order that they, living according to the good suggestions of Christ, may share our hope of obtaining the same reward from the God who is Master of all.”

Love Wins


2 comments on “Christianity and War

  1. Jim says:

    Very interesting. I agree with the overwhelming majority of his article. I would like to point out a few areas of disagreement, however, since there is no point in articulating the positions I share with Mr. Vance. However, responding honestly to an article is a bit daunting if the reader is told at the outset that in disagreeing one exposes himself as a willfully ignorant, Biblically illiterate, disgraceful, two-faced supporter of wholesale murder who is also a babbling idiot.


    • joeywahoo says:

      LOL. I see what you mean.

      Believe it or not, before posting this I actually edited out a couple of paragraphs that I thought were too strident and partisan. Upon reading it again I see that I didn’t edit enough. I know why he chose to use that tone, but that is no excuse. There is actually a shorter less provocative version of this in cyberspace, but I didn’t try to find it.

      I was participating in a discussion of the Christian and Muslim attitudes toward warfare recently and this piece came up. Because I thought he made some good points (and because it was easier than writing up something new of my own) I decided to post it. Having read it again I’ve decided to delete it, both because it’s too confrontational and because there is too much in it with which I disagree. I just saved Justin Martyr’s quote.

      In my defense (and for what it’s worth) I used to blog a lot about this subject and I tried to avoid coming off as he did. In fact, if Mr. Vance read all my posts he might well conclude that I am a babbling idiot.



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