Peas and Onions

We grew over 1300 row feet of black-eyed peas this year, meaning we’ll have hundreds of pounds of peas (as long as we can keep the deer out of the garden).  Unfortunately for Rachel, they have started coming in while Cherie and I are away from the farm.  So she’s been busy picking them.  I’m looking forward to getting home soon, so I can take over that job.  And I’m really looking forward to a bowl of fresh black-eyed peas.

We finished up the onions recently.  Here’s how our unsophisticated system works.

Dig them up and let them dry a while.

Hang them in the shed and use a fan to circulate air for a couple of weeks.

Then put them in the basement and start enjoying eating them.

We’ve decided to grow them in raised beds next year, which should increase our yield. 

We’re already planning next year’s gardens.  I’m excited about switching from 3 field rotations to an 8 field rotation. 

But maybe for now I should just be worrying about what we’re going to do with all those black-eyed peas.

Love Wins

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