One of several strays that Cherie and the kids adopted shortly after we moved here seven years ago, Zelda soon overcame her shyness and distrust of us.  Eventually she followed us on our paseos.  And she loved hanging out with her best friend, our black lab Ginny.

About a week ago Zelda got sick.  Despite valiant efforts from Cherie, she didn’t make it.  I buried her yesterday morning.

I admit that I have trouble warming up to cats.  I’m just more of a dog guy, I suppose.

But Zelda had class and she will be missed.

Now she has joined our dog Jack, our rabbit Tobi, our nannies Marla and Layla, our roosters Ranger and Tonto, eight hens and a bunch of kids, all of whom we have lost this year, and all of whom have gone on to whatever awaits good animals when their time here is done.

RIP Zelda.

Love Wins