French Fries

The most commonly eaten vegetable among American children is french fries.  In fact, a full 25% of children’s vegetable intake in this country is from eating french fries.

And these fries aren’t being cooked by Mom.  They’re being deep fried in fat, coated with salt, dropped into a paper container and peddled by fast food corporations in “happy meals” and similar gimmicks aimed at children. 

Of course these french fries contribute greatly to the childhood health crisis we have in this country.  And they can’t really be considered a “vegetable.”

Humans crave salt and fat because they were once so scarce in our diet.  Our bodies naturally want to gorge on them, because historically we got them so rarely. 

But 25% of a child’s vegetable intake shouldn’t be french fries.

Our kids will pay a heavy price for what we are doing to them.  In fact, we all will.

Love Wins