As I type this, it is raining here.  Whether it turns out to be another teasing sprinkle or the soaking we so desperately need, remains to be seen.

We’ve had record-breaking heat and very little rain here this summer.  That fact is confirmed by the brown pastures and stunted and dying crops throughout this area.  Fortunately we’ve been able to keep our gardens watered and we have way more pasture than our goats need.  So we’ve been able to weather the drought fairly well.

As I’m waiting for the rain to pass, I think of how crucial weather was to our ancestors for thousands of years.  A drought like the one we’re having now could mean starvation this winter.  It often did. 

But while there are some folks these days whose well-being is at the mercy of the weather, most of us in modern America are as completely separated from it as we are from the rest of nature.  We breathe conditioned air and we don’t raise or grow our own food.  We don’t need to worry about hungry livestock and thirsty gardens.  We push shopping carts down the aisles of airconditioned supermarkets, filling them with processed, plastic-wrapped food that comes from thousands of miles away.  So instead of being at the mercy of the weather, we are at the mercy of the industrial food system and distribution dependent upon abundant cheap oil.  I wonder if that isn’t just as precarious a position as the one faced by a third world farmer praying for rain.

Well, I think I’ll just enjoy this shower.  Maybe take a nap.

And when it’s over I’ll go back outside and breathe some unconditioned air.

Love Wins