This morning I took on one of hardest tasks on the farm–clearing along the front pasture fence. 

The photo is misleading.  It is a loooong way to the end of that fence, and the edge is thick with briers and grapevines.

First I bushhog as close to the fence as I can.  That is very difficult and dangerous (to the fence at least), because at places the ground is very steep.  Although you can’t really tell in the photo, there are places where the unmowed area is 10 feet wide.  What I can’t get with the bushhog, I have to cut out with a weedeater.

This is one of the many jobs that is made much harder by our avoidance of herbicides.  If I just sprayed Roundup beneath the fence, much of this sweltering work would be unnecessary.

But looking back at it, instead of an ugly, poisonous scar, here is what I see.

It’s worth the effort.

Love Wins