Suicide by Junk Food

The people of Danville (my hometown) are killing themselves by eating too much, and especially by eating too much junk food.  We may have more fast food joints per capita than anywhere in America.  Despite being surrounded by fertile farmland, the vast majority of Danvillians eat french fries and Big Macs rather than healthy and nutritious produce.

Just consider these alarming facts.

(numbers are based on incidence per 100,000 people)

Rate of Coronary Disease:
United States 163.4
Virginia 124.9
Danville 281.9

Rate of Diabetes:
United States 24.9
Virginia 21.6
Danville 78

Rate of Stroke:
United States 51.1
Virginia 50.6
Danville 94.7

And we wonder why health care costs are skyrocketing.

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