Gypsy kidded last night. 

Early this morning, as I was going to let the hens out, I heard a baby goat crying.  Looking over to the pasture I could see the only two kids we had when we went to bed last night, and it wasn’t one of them crying.  So I went to the barn and found Gypsy in a stall with two healthy babies (one male and one female), already standing and nursing.  It was her first kidding and she handled it with ease.

Gypsy was very sick over the winter and Cherie had to nurse her back to health.  Neither of us thought she was healthy enough to be with Johnny, but I found her by his gate one afternoon, flirting and anxious to spend some time with him.  So I let her in for a few hours, then took her back out.  Obviously their chemistry was right.

It’s always good to welcome new kids to the farm.  A good start to the day.

Love Wins