I sat down at the keyboard intending to rant about the disaster in the Gulf.  Instead, I took a deep breath and decided to write about Georgia.

Georgia is our new scarecrow.  Well, technically I suppose Georgia is a scarehawk, since her job is to keep hawks away from the henhouse.  But I’ve never heard the word “scarehawk” used before, and we all know what a scarecrow is.

That’s Georgia in the photo above, newly decked out by Cherie and Peyton.  Georgia was, until recently, George.  But George’s clothes had begun rotting and falling off of him and he’d become a pretty unconvincing mannequin.  So Cherie and Peyton gave George a makeover and he/she emerged as Georgia.

Georgia is, to the best of my knowledge, our first transgendered object on White Flint Farm.

We are an equal opportunity employer of scarecrows.

We are hoping the hawks don’t like her.

Love Wins

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