Let me honor here all the farmers who still work the land themselves, who are not agribusinessmen or agribusinesswomen, but farmers, who know family and community interdependence…America’s last vestiges of freedom.   And honor to all those millions who were born to be farmers, as they have been for thousands of years, but because of modern “education”, Big Business and Mechanization, they cannot be and will never know their true gift but are instead herded into welfare lines, prisons, or the slavery of Big Business…May they find it–the gift–in another life, another world. 

Carolyn Chute, dedication to her novel Merry Men.

Love Wins


What we need

“…what we need is not new sectarian terminology or new jargon or a new elitist clique, but rather a humble rediscovery of the simple, mysterious way of Jesus that can be embraced across the whole Christian horizon (and beyond).  What we need is something lived, not just talked or written about.  The last thing we need is a new group of proud, super protestant, hyper puritan, ultra restorationist reformers who say, “Only we’ve got it right!” and thereby damn everybody else to the bin of five minutes ago and the bucket of below-average mediocrity.”

Brian McClaren, A Generous Othodoxy

Love Wins


We sponsor a five year old girl named Chrisderline Bien-Amie, who lives near Port-au-Prince.  In the months following the earthquake we’d heard nothing from her.  But recently we were relieved to receive two letters  her brother wrote for her, passing along pictures she’d drawn for us and telling us that she was alive and well.

In the letters she mentions the earthquake, and in one she asks if we have earthquakes here.

It is hard for me to imagine how a five year old girl gets her head around something like that.

Her letters help us to remember Haiti.  If a few million Americans took a personal interest in the well being of kids like Chrisderline, Haiti would rise from darkness and despair.  I hope and pray that happens.

Love Wins

Vive la R3VOLution

We interrupt this politics-free blog to celebrate the mighty beatdown Rand Paul put on Trey Grayson in Kentucky yesterday.  May this signal goodbye and good riddance to neoconservatism.

I love the way one blogger put it (recasting what Ronald Reagan said of Barry Goldwater), “Ron Paul won the GOP nomination in 2008.  It just took 2 years to count the votes.”

My iced tea is going to taste especially good today.

We now resume our regularly scheduled broadcasting.

Love Wins


Sometimes farm life sucks.  For us, last Thursday was one of those times.

As we were preparing to leave for the weekend, our good goat Layla took a turn for the worse.  In labor, but too weak to deliver her already dead kid, it became undeniably clear that Layla was not going to recover.  So I had to put her down.  And that is something that I really, really, hate.

So Layla is gone. 

Here she is on a much happier day–the day she was born.

But as we say goodbye to Layla, we also welcome Rhiannon’s new kid Prudence.

May our good days continue to be many and our bad days continue to be rare.

Love Wins