Pasture swap

We rotate our goats among three pastures.   The does who are being bred are in one pasture with our billy.  The ones who are nursing, or due to deliver soon, are in a different pasture.  The others (those who are being weaned, aren’t old enough to breed or pregnant but not due for a while) are in the third pasture.  Two of the pastures are connected and it’s fairly easy to move goats between them.  The third, however, is not connected and requires a bit more effort.   In the past we’ve moved them with my truck, or even individually in the RTV.  But lately we’ve just been leading them with a bucket of sweet feed.  Unsophisticated, but it works.

Today we moved some of the girls, along with the guard dog Joey, to the main pasture.

And now with new friends:

Love Wins

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