Not good

Let’s see.  Both the bushhog and the lawnmower are in the shop and the grass is growing out of control.  The cabbage worms and flea beetles are feasting on our cabbage.  It’s hard to spot the potatoes over the weeds.  Deer have begun to eat our broccoli.  The corral in the main pasture still isn’t done, so I can’t move the herd there.  Although the ladybugs have now overwhelmed the aphids, our pea yield is far lower than usual. 

So it’s not a good Spring on the farm?

Well, we’re picking lots of delicious English peas and we’ve started cutting broccoli.  Rachel successfully defeated the asparagus beetles and we had a bountiful harvest.  The sweet corn is coming up great.  Although they’re sharing space with too many weeds, the potatoes are growing strong.  The garlic and onions should be ready soon.  We’ve had plenty of rain and the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cukes, pumpkins, squash, black beans, green beans and watermelons are looking great.  There are plenty of little apples and pears on our trees and young blackberries are everywhere.  The grapevines are starting to sag under the weight of so many grapes.  The hens are laying and the pond is full of fish.  We have a big steaming compost pile.  I just planted some sweet potatoes and the blackeyed peas are soon to follow.  We have more goat babies on the way.  And best of all, I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with family and farm.

So things on the farm are not good.  They’re great.

Love Wins