What’s next?

Instead of preparing to spend the month of July in Haiti, I now find myself spending a lot of time wondering, “What’s next?”  We now know that living in Haiti is not what’s next for us.  So what is?

Cherie says we are trying to figure out what we’re going to be when we grow up.  She has the gift of patience and she is confident that the answers come while patiently waiting for them.  I am impatient and anxious to force issues, rather than let them unfold naturally.   So I’m trying to let her peacefullness rub off on me.  It’s hard.

We’ve both got a lot to do.  Aside from managing the household and much of the farm, Cherie is in grad school and she does volunteer work with many local organizations.  I’m in school too, and I also try to manage the farm, serve charitably and keep up a law practice.  But we know we need some focus.

We’re treading water on the farm while waiting for our friend Jeremy to join us.  Maybe we’ll ramp it up and become a viable commercial operation.  At a minimum we’ll grow plenty of good food for our families with some left over for our community.

And we’ll keep searching for the doors that opened when other ones closed.

Love Wins