Never a dull day

How in the world does a goat get her own ear impaled on her horn?

I have no idea, but Jolene somehow managed to do it.  Once I finally caught her (which was no easy task), I unimpaled her.

Yesterday I took five kids to market.  Later in the day I noticed the goats lounging around as normal.   I remarked to Will that the goats didn’t seem concerned in the least that five of their brothers/sons had been loaded into a truck and carried away a few hours earlier.  He responded that he wonders if  God sees us the way we see the goats.   Maybe, he said, just as we look at the goats and wonder why they aren’t more bothered by what happened to those kids, God looks at us and wonders why we seem so indifferent to what’s happening to our fellow humans.  Like the goats, we just go about our daily business as if nothing happened.  Food for thought.

And we raised a lot of money for the Haitian kids we love at our church’s yard sale/bake sale yesterday.

Love Wins