Haiti Everywhere

This time last year few Americans knew anything about Haiti.  As recently as a few months ago I could search “Haiti” on Google News and find almost nothing.  We were generally oblivious to the suffering and injustice in that place.

Then the earthquake happened and Haiti was everywhere.  Stories about Haiti filled the news.  There were fundraisers, benefits and telethons.  Even in our little backwater part of the world, church and store marquees everywhere urged folks to help Haiti.

And of course Haiti desperately needed the help and attention, as it was experiencing the greatest humanitarian crisis of a generation.  But as I discussed in a previous post, the situation in Haiti was desperate before the earthquake.  And as Haiti fades from the news and back into obscurity, the desperation remains.

By sharing a little of our abundant excess, we can help give Haitians a chance to enjoy a decent life.  So I’ll hop up on my soapbox and urge everyone to find a reputable organization that was working in Haiti before the quake and that will be there long after the world has forgotten about it.  Do some research to make sure your gift won’t be wasted or stolen, then give generously.  Danita’s Children would be a fine choice.  By sponsoring one of the children being raised or educated there we can make a difference in the future of Haiti, one Haitian life at a time.

Love Wins