Stuff Christians Like

Jon Acuff is the brother of a friend of mine.  Jon has a popular and very funny website called Stuff Christians Like.    I highly recommend the site.

A few months back Jon decided to challenge his readers to raise $30,000 to build a school in Vietnam, in a community that otherwise wouldn’t have one.  But he didn’t raise $30,ooo.  He raised $60,ooo instead.  So instead of one village getting a school, two did.

We had a similar experience at my law firm a couple of years ago.  I challenged the firm to give up bottled water and to donate the savings to drill a well in Kenya.  But the effort generated so much support that we raised enough money for two wells.  And that led to a significant contribution of medical supplies also.  Lots of lives were saved and a permanent connection was made between Tampa, Florida and a slum in Kenya.

That’s the kind of stuff Christians should really like.

Love Wins