How not to start the spring:  first you plant the spring garden.  Then the deer eat all the seedlings.  Then you plant it again.  That night there is a severe storm that dumps 3 inches of rain onto a freshly tilled garden, washing away a lot of topsoil, and most of the onions.

But seriously, I suppose we should count our blessings.  There were multiple tornadoes out of that storm, and many people suffered damage that makes ours seem trivial.  I put out a few bales of hay, like bandages on the erosion wounds.  Hopefully we won’t have any more gully washers before the crops are set.

Unfortunately I had to go to the airport to return to Florida before the Timm family arrived.  But as I type this they are settling into White Flint Farm.  The farm is happy to have them.

Chickens in the pasture

Bonnie likes chewing on my clothes

Kids at play

The pear tree is blooming

Yes, it does