No Exceptions

It is fairly common to see God mentioned on bumper stickers. But it seems that the vast majority of the time, he is mentioned in one of two contexts. Either the sticker is the equivalent of “God bless my tribe” or “God bless my tribe’s warriors.”

But once in Tampa I saw a bumper sticker that said, “God Bless Everyone. No Exceptions.” I really liked that. Wouldn’t it be cool if we sought God’s blessing not on our tribe and its warriors, but rather on the whole world?

For God so loved the world

Love Wins


One comment on “No Exceptions

  1. jonathangroover says:

    Love this man! And the other day I was talking to my agnostic friend about faith and stuff, and I made the comment (a paraphrase), “Maybe if nothing else–if we can’t intellectually come to faith, if we hope in love we will be on the right track, because love wins.” Then I started reading your blog and realized you’ve made that statement for quite sometime now! I thought how cool that was.

    Love does win. Thanks for thoughts!


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