Spring Planting

Another full day (I write these at night and post them in the morning).

Doing morning chores as the sun rose from behind the woods, it was cool to see robins in the pasture and deer in the field behind our house.  It was such a beautiful morning that the sight of the deer didn’t make me mad at all.

I pruned the grapevines before church.  It should have been done weeks ago, but hopefully the late attention won’t hurt them.

After a great service at our awesome church, I tilled in the chicken litter we spread the day before.  Then, with Cherie’s help,  I got the compost spread on the main vegetable garden, and then tilled it in. 

I planted the broccoli and the peas, before I ran out of daylight.  Hopefully the rain will stay away long enough to let me get the onions and potatoes in the ground tomorrow.  It feels good to get started on the planting.

Cherie treated Judy for bloat yesterday (Judy seems to have gone overboard on the spring clover) and today she looked much better.  Juliette is still pregnant, or deceptively fat.  The pasture is full of happy, frolicing goats.  But sadly, in a stall in the barn, our good goat Maggie seems to be fading away.  I do not expect her to last the night.  Another sad loss in what has been a sad season.  Maggie was one of our first goats.  She arrived as a terrified and very unfriendly and unhappy creature.  Soon, however, she was completely tame, happy and self-confident.  But the feisty nanny we’ve known is no more.  It is painful to see her dying.  May we never stop caring about things like that.  It is one of the things that makes this place special.

As we brace ourselves for another loss, we do so knowing that we have also sowed our soil with new life.  The circle of life can be cruel at times.  But we believe in the end…

Love Wins

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