I arrived home yesterday afternoon, after having been away for over a month.   What a beautiful day it was.

I was able to spend some quality time with my wonderful wife, and we went for a long stroll around the farm.  She’s done a magnificent job of taking care of things in my absence.

On a sad note, I buried Jack and Tobi.  They will be missed.

I reintroduced myself to all the new kids in the pasture.  It was great to see Gypsy back to normal.  Cherie saved that goat’s life.

Unfortunately Maggie is sick now, but we’re hoping she’ll be well soon.

As soon as the ground dries enough I’ll be planting English peas, broccoli, Irish potatoes and onions.  I still have to clean out the henhouse and spread the litter in the gardens, along with my now fully ripened compost pile.  I need to get the bushhog fixed and the lawnmower serviced.  There is no shortage of work to do, but the job site is hard to beat.

Last night, just before enjoying my first home-cooked meal in a long time (Mongolian venison–mmm good), I went to gather the eggs.  The sun had just set, painting the sky that indescribably beautiful color that only comes at sunset.  A brightly shining thin crescent moon was hanging overhead as a bat darted around, gathering up insects I suppose. 

It is so good to be home.

Love Wins