I’ve previously described how Ranger rose to the position of boss rooster on White Flint Farm.  Well,  I just learned that now Tonto is not alone as he scurries in fright from the chickenyard every morning.  It seems that Ranger, Jr. has supplanted Ranger at the top of the White Flint rooster totem pole.  Cherie just told me that Ranger, Jr. chases Ranger away now when she opens the henhouse in the morning.

How humiliating that must be for Ranger, as Oedipus Ranger has now assumed command. 

I wonder if Tonto believes in karma.

Of course the only reason Ranger, Jr. is around to pull this off is because I’ve been stuck away from home so long.  But for that, Ranger fils would be in the freezer or crock pot by now. 

We have two roosters too many right now, and correcting that will be one of my priorities if I ever get to go home again.   (I truly hate that part of farm life, by the way, but that subject is for another day.)

I suspect that once Ranger is on top again, he’ll once again strut like the cock he is.  Roosters, I reckon, aren’t haunted by their past.  I don’t expect Ranger to behave as if he has any memory of this.  But maybe it will inspire Tonto to make another run at him. 

I doubt it.

Love Wins