Maggie and her farm

Continuing our run of bad luck on the farm, I just found out that our nanny Maggie is sick with mastitis.  Luckily Cherie discovered it in time to get it treated, and luckily Maggie’s little bucklings are old enough to wean.  After years of never having to call the vet for the goats, we’ve now had to get another house call.

Here’s Maggie from better days, and her then-newborn kid Layla.

I haven’t been posting pictures from the farm lately, because I haven’t been home to take any.  I’m slugging my way through a multi-week trial that has me tired, and very homesick.  In the meantime, things that I need to be doing on the farm just aren’t getting done.

We’re counting the days until Rachel and family arrive.  That will be a big help, and a big blessing.

Last year it rained so much in the late winter and early spring that we had to redo our garden plans.  This year this trial may have the same effect.   But we have lots of flexibility.  So maybe we’ll have fewer English peas and more green beans.  Maybe we’ll have more broccoli in the Fall, and none in the Spring. 

However the specifics shake out, I think it’s going to be a good year on the farm.

Love Wins