Lent, part 3

Being a rookie, I suppose a certain degree of Lenten ignorance is to be expected of me.  For example, yesterday I learned, to my surprise, that the rules of Lent are off on Sunday.

No one had previously hipped me to that.  Evidently Sundays are considered “Feast Days,” during which one is relieved of any Lent vows of abstinence or fasting.  One of my colleagues brought this to my attention.  It seems that he has given up booze for Lent.  So during this season he is especially fond of Sundays.  And he assured me that he had double checked with his priest, who had given Bud Light the sacerdotal green light.   But only on Feast Days.

This new information presented me with a lot of opportunities.  Now I could go see what all the fuss about Avatar is about.  Now I could replace my ipod.  I could preorder the new RSB record.  I could buy a book. 

But it just doesn’t seem right to me.  What real sacrifice is Not a Cent During Lent if Sunday buying sprees are permitted? 

So no Feast Days for me. 

But those Feast Days would be a lot more tempting to me if they fell on an occasional Friday.

Love Wins