A good couple of days.

Maggie had twin bucklings on Wednesday and Esmeralda had a female (Bonnie) yesterday.

That makes seven new healthy kids for the week.

Esme and Bonnie:


Sheena and Judy, with Ramona, Sharona, Barbie and Blondie:

Nellie and babies:

P.S.  Right after posting this Cherie told me that she just discovered a new baby in the barn.  Juliette, who we believe is the next nanny due, was nearby but acting unconcerned.  But upon closer look Cherie could tell that Juliette was still pregnant.  She checked the herd further and discovered that it was Angie, one of our young does, who had the kid.  She is too young and hasn’t been (intentionally) exposed to the Billy.  But obviously they somehow managed a liason.  Angie seems to have rejected the kid, and Cherie now has him in the house where she is trying to get him to nurse a bottle.  Hopefully Angie’s mothering instincts will kick in soon. 

Love Wins