God is bigger than any religion.  God is bigger than any worldview.  God is bigger than the Christian faith. 

This truth clicked for me last Friday in a new way.  Somebody showed me a letter from the president of a large seminary who is raising money to help him train leaders who will defend Christianity.  The letter went on about the desperate need for defense of the true faith.  What disturbed me was the defensive posture of the letter, which reflects one of the things that happens in brickworld, you spend a lot of time talking about how right you are.  Which of course leads to how wrong everybody else is.  Which leads to defending the wall.  It struck me reading the letter that you rarely defend a trampoline.  You invite people to jump on it with you. 

I am far more interested in jumping than I am in arguing about whose trampoline is better.  You rarely defend the things you love.  You enjoy them and tell others about them and invite others to enjoy them with you.  

Have you ever seen someone pull a photo out of their wallet and argue about the supremacy of this particular loved one?  Of course not.  They show you the picture and give you the opportunity to see what they see.


Rob Bell, Velvet Elvis.

Love Wins