One of the many things I admire about Danita’s Children, is how they work with and help support the needs of other orphanages in Ouanaminthe. 

We had the privilege of visting Pastor Daniel Paul’s Lambs of God orphanage, and I’ve blogged about the great work being done there several times before.  Like Danita and her team, Pastor Daniel is a great steward of the meager resources he has available, and he is providing a safe, healthy, loving haven for the girls in his care.

The neediest of the orphanages we visited, by far, was that run by Pastor Altes.  Like Pastor Daniel, Pastor Altes is Haitian.  Pastor Altes has many children in his care.  They are loved, but are wanting for almost everything else.

Their buildings are dilapidated and poorly constructed.   They don’t have screens to keep out the mosquitoes, which carry deadly malaria.  They have no running water and inadequate sanitation, cooking and sleeping facilities.  The school lacks adequate seating for the kids and doesn’t protect them from the elements.  Although not particularly poor by Haitian standards, the facilities are in need of much improvement.

Danita’s Children has provided food and support to Pastor Altes when needed.  And teams of volunteers who came to support Danita’s Children have spent time working at Pastor Altes’ orphanage as well.  Last year one of the teams visiting Danita’s Children put a roof on the church at this orphanage, granting the dying wish of Pastor Altes’ wife.

We were very moved by our time with Pastor Altes and his kids.  We had the privilege of delivering a lot of shoes to them.  They blessed us by singing for us.  It was a great experience.  We look forward to this summer, when a construction team from our church will work on improving the facilities there.

Below are some pictures from our visit.

The stove:

Love Wins

2 comments on “Altes

  1. how amazing. if there is any need or leads to serve in this orphanage for a week or so, will you let me know?


  2. Bill says:

    Kelly: teams that visit Danita’s Children and Lambs of God have served at Pastor Altes’ as well. It is beautiful how their share their meager resources. I would like to see more help go directly to his orphanage but he has no US connection and he doesn’t speak English. If I become aware of any ways to serve there or help him, I’ll post them.


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