An update from Haiti.  

The first three children, two of whom are amputees, were flown out of Port au Prince to Ouanaminthe yesterday morning and are now safe at Danita’s.

At two a.m this morning a bus full of children arrived, from two orphanages destroyed in Port au Prince.  Karris sent this message:  “A bus arrived tonight at 2:00 a.m. full of children from 2 orphanages that collapsed in Port-Au-Prince. The orphans were living in tents and we got to tuck them into their new beds tonight…they are some …of the sweetest and grateful children I’ve ever met.”

And here’s a picture of one of the orphanages, sent by Brittany.  All of the kids made it out alive, but they’d been sleeping outside ever since, and they were out of food and water.  Now they’re safe and sound.


Love Invades and Love Wins.

One comment on “Safe

  1. Todd R says:

    Good morning,

    My wife Julie is heading to Ouanaminthe next Monday to work at Danita’s with Visiting Orphans (the first group arrives today). She has been to China several times to work in orphanages but this is her first time to Haiti (I’ve been to Cap Haitien several years ago and worked with Living Hope Missions. Great folks!).

    Would love to touch base off-line and hear more about your experience and what you experienced and what she might expect.

    White Flint Farms looks/sounds very cool as well.


    Todd R.


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