The situation in Port-au-Prince remains horrific.  We’ve heard reports from Brittany, Danita, and Pastor Daniel, and all describe a choatic, desperate mess.  The smell of decomposing bodies is overwhelming.  There are shortages of everything.  People are sleeping in the streets.  Those buildings and homes that weren’t destroyed in the earthquake are not safe to inhabit. 

Brittany has posted some photos to her facebook page.  It is amazing that even though cell phones usually won’t work there, internet connections still do.

Here is the “status” Brittany posted last night:   “Johnnie’s surgery went amazingly well. Thank you to everyone who prayed for him. I can’t even describe what it is like in the hospitals here- there are no words to describe the devastation. Haitian people are so resilient- you walk by a tent of children in full body casts who have just had limbs amputated and they’re smiling.”

And here are two gut-wrenching images she has sent out, which  illustrate that.

Arm amputated, femur and pelvis breaks, but still smiling:

Tatiana, who just had an arm amputated, but manages a beautiful smile:

I’m looking forward to getting to know these kids.

Danita, Brittany and Pastor Daniel continue to need our prayers and support, as does all of  Haiti.

Love Wins