Brittany Hilker

This extraordinary young woman is accompanying Danita today as they move out into the ruins of Port-au-Prince on a rescue mission (see my post from yesterday).  They have minimal escorts (one Haitian male staff member and a security guard) and are in need of prayers for protection, and for wisdom as they make the difficult decisions about which kids to evacuate.

Brittany has made the decision to live in Haiti and serve the orphans there, rather than live a comfortable, privileged life in the States.  Her blog reveals what an amazing person she is:

Danita has three buses waiting and ready to bring displaced orphans to safety in Ouanaminthe.  There is food, clothing and shelter waiting for these kids and there is a team of American physicians and nurses ready to treat the children when they arrive.

But those things could not have happened had Brittany and Danita not been willing to put themselves at personal risk.  They are heroes.

Please keep them in your prayers today.

Love Wins