Danita Estrella

Early this morning our friend Danita Estrella left the relative comfort and security of her life to travel into the heart of devastated Port-au-Prince on a mission to rescue orphans.  She will be travelling with minimal security, into a dangerous and unstable situation.  Please pray for her safety and for God’s blessing on this mission of mercy.

Back in Ouanaminthe the staff at Danita’s Children are frantically preparing for the influx of new children.  We anticipate that this crisis may double or triple the number of kids they’re caring for.  The needs are great.  The cost of everything will correspondingly increase.  They need more furniture, more clothes, more food, more pots and pans, more stoves, more staff, etc.  And these children will need long term support.  It costs about $100 a month to care for an each orphan.  While the world is generously supporting Haiti relief right now (in a magnificent way) experience teaches that once this isn’t on the news everyday, the donations dry up.  But the children are still there.  So please prayerfully consider sponsoring a child.

On this day, as we are surrounded by material wealth, let us remember Danita and keep her constantly in our prayers.

We’re not safe, but we will rise.

Love Wins