Hospital of Hope

Medieval.  That’s the word Cherie used to describe the so-called hospital in Ouanaminthe, Haiti, which we visited during our trip last year.

This is the labor and delivery room.

There isn’t even an effort at sterilization.  We just walked in and wandered among the few rooms there.  In the front room a child with a very deep and serious cut in his head was being attended to, with no anesthesia and no sterilization.  If the boy survived the injury, I suspect he later had to battle infection.

And even this primitive clinic will not provide treatment to anyone who can’t pony up cash first. 

Danita and the other missionaries at Danita’s Children have literally waded the Masacre River in the middle of the night to try to get dying children to decent medical care in the Dominican Republic.

But the day is soon arriving when the children of Ouanaminthe Haiti can get medical treatment from competent physicians in a sterile, effective environment.  Construction has begun on a pediatric clinic at Danita’s Children.  Eventually Danita hopes to build an entire hospital.

It is so awesome to see someone who refuses to accept an unacceptable status quo, and who is unfraid of challenges.

Help is on the way. 


Love Wins

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