Reaching out

As I mentioned yesterday, all the kids and missionaries at Danita’s Children and the other Ouanaminthe orphanages are fine.  Being epicentered so far away, the earthquake didn’t cause any significant damage there, although it did shake all the mangos out of the tree, to the delight of the little boys.

But that doesn’t mean our friends in Ouanaminthe haven’t been affected.  I have praised Pastor Daniel Paul, who runs the Lambs of God orphange, on this blog before.  He and his wife are doing great work, and his gardens are particularly impressive.  Our friend Emily spoke with Pastor Daniel yesterday.  His brother in law Samuel works at the orphanage and was in Port-au-Prince when the quake hit, buying books for the school.  No one has heard from him yet.  In a very grave voice Pastor Daniel told Emily, “Emily, I am from Petionville. That is my hometown. My family and friends are there. I haven’t been able to contact anyone. We haven’t heard from anyone.”  Petionville is a portion of Port-au-Prince reported to have particularly devastated.

Some of y’all will recall me posting about Pastor Altesse and his orphanage.  You may recall that the orphanage is particularly poor and Pastor Altesse had recently lost his wife.  I learned yesterday evening that he has a son who lives right in the center of the devastated area, and that he is very emotional right now, particularly in light of the recent death of his wife.

Pastor Sam, the pastor at the church at Danita’s Children, was in Cap Haiten when the quake hit, and because communication has been so disrupted in Haiti, the missionaries have not been able to talk to him.  He has many contacts in Port-au-Prince and Danita is preparing to receive new orphans from this tragedy.  Recall that when Jeanne destroyed Gonaives in 2004, Danita went there are rescued many of the kids who are in the orphanage today.  One of the mottos at Danita’s Children is “There’s always room for more.”

So let’s please remember to continue to pray for these great people and their orphanages.  They too are being affected by this disaster.

Finally, many people have been asking me about ways to help.  Of course there will be no shortage of needs and opportunities.  But beware scam artists, and I encourage you to avoid dumping your resources into inefficient top-heavy bureaucracies.  A very fine use of funds would be to make a contribution to Danita’s Children as they prepare to meet this crisis.  Here is a message from Danita:

Love Wins