Pray for Haiti

As everyone knows by now, a devastating earthquake struck southwestern Haiti yesterday evening, epicentered just 10 miles from Port-au-Prince.   The area has suffered catastrophic damage and, evidently, great loss of life.

To all those who have been asking, Ouanaminthe is in the northeastern part of the country and although they felt the earthquake there, no major damage occured.  All the folks at Danita’s Children are fine.

We have gotten to know some people in the Port-au-Prince area, and we sponsor a little girl there named Chrisderline Bien-Aime.  And there are millions of people there we don’t know at all, who need the prayers and support of all of us.

So let’s all take a few moments today and lift up our brothers and sisters in Haiti.   And let’s be ready for whatever we’re called to do.

Love Wins