Goat Wrangling, and so forth

I just moved 3 new girls in with Johnny, including Gypsy, who can’t seem to shake her scours, but nevertheless was anxious for some male companionship.  I’m hoping a little romance will improve her health.

As it stands now, we have 7 does due in February, 3 due in April, and  3 due in June.  If things go well, we’re due for a bit of a goat population explosion.  Hopefully the February babies won’t come during bad weather in the middle of the night, as they are prone to do.

The hawk continues to prey on our chicks, and now we’re down to two.

And our unprecedented stretch of frigid weather continues.  Even the ball waterers are freezing up lately.  We’re hoping for a break in the temperature soon.

As a friend said recently, if  I start complaining about the heat this summer, remind me of this week.

Love Wins