New friends and partners

I’ve spent a lot of my life swimming up stream, and putting my agenda before God and expecting him to bless it.  We’ve had some successes, some frustrations, some misfires and some home runs.  Often I’ve been  frustrated by what seemed to be a  lack of clarity in where we were heading, and how we were supposed to get there.

A couple of years ago I decided to take seriously the notion of “surrender,”  and to try my best to go with God’s flow.  For someone as stubborn as me, who has always insisted on detailed organization, planning, hard work and “doing it my way,” it wasn’t easy to be patient, and to wait on God.

But what started out as a crawl, lately seems like an Olympic sprint.

Things that seemed disconnected and illogical are now coming together in incredible ways, clearing paths and opening doors that we didn’t even know were there.

For example, all the work we’ve done here on the farm to try to learn and employ new methods of agriculture (new to us, at least) and community living, is now starting to make sense.  With God’s favor, we may be able to plant seeds for a sustainable healthy future not only here in Keeling, but also in Haiti.

As any good farmer knows, farm life is 24/7/365.  As much as we love our farm, it has confined us in the last six or seven years.

And our time in Haiti made us realize how selfish it is for us to have two houses, and so much land that isn’t being used.  And Cherie and I just couldn’t work any harder than we were working.  We needed help.

Then God crossed our paths, in an amazing way, with a wonderful young family.  Their passions are the same as ours.  They want to live and farm sustainably.   They want to be a part of our “adventure.”  And they bring much needed energy and intelligence to White Flint Farm.

So we welcome our new friends and partners Jeremy and Rachel, and their three awesome children, to the White Flint Farm family.   We are very excited about this big step in the rejuvenation of the farm, and the community.  The future is bright.

Love Wins