Visitors and venison

Waiting for sunrise, to do the morning chores…

It’s a big day here on White Flint.  Our friends Danita and Brenda, two of the amazing missionaries at Danita’s Children are coming to visit us.  More on that later, but in the meantime check out

Yesterday I managed to shoot one of the herd of deer that is seemingly a fixture here.  They have a mysterious tendency to vanish whenever I have a gun in my hand.  Normally they are impossible to miss.  During hunting season they seem impossible to find.  But I did finally bag one yesterday, and it will soon be in the freezer.  As I’ve mentioned before, we no longer buy or eat any beef.  From our farm we get pork, chicken, fish and venison–which is all we need or want.

We have some big news to announce soon.  But I’ll hold on to that till another day.

Love Wins