Bread alone

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about social justice and specifically about the poor, the neglected and the hungry, as is obvious to readers of this blog.

But as I look around in a country where the biggest health problem among the poor is obesity, I am reminded of an important truth:  man does not live by bread alone.

We must not obsess over their righteousness and spiritual salvation, while our brothers and sisters starve.  But neither must we neglect the soul.  There is a spiritual hunger that must also be fed and there is a bread of life that every soul needs.

Thousands of people will die today of starvation and malnutrition, most of them children.  May the day soon come when that is a thing of the past.

But may we not aspire to a world filled with people who are fat and spiritually vacant.  May our future be one in which bellies are filled and so are souls.

Love Wins