White Christmas

We’re still blanketed in snow, making this morning look like one of those storybook Christmas mornings I used to wish for, but rarely get.  If the rain that’s been forecast actually shows up today, then our pretty snow will likely soon be a muddy, icy mess.  So we’ll enjoy it for now.

Bible nerd is reflecting this morning on John 1:14.  I think it’s the most profound thing in Scripture about Christmas.  It may be the most profound thing in Scripture, period.

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

In the original Greek (transliterated): 

Kai o logos sarx egeneto kai eskenosen en emin.

I like breaking it down: 

 The Logos became sarx and eskenosen with us.

That is to say:

Logic/reason/expression became flesh and pitched a tent among us.

That is to say:

The supreme ineffable transcendent permanent incorruptible ultimate reality willingly transformed itself into a corruptible mortal state, subject to the influences of passion and desire, and set up a temporary residence among other such beings.

That is to say:

Immanu El.

That is to say:

God with us.

Merry Christmas y’all.

Love Wins