Simple Life

I was ready for some life.  There had been too much death on White Flint during the morning.  But I was not expecting our nanny goat Sheena to kid this afternoon.

I was going to the back pasture to check on the waterer and I saw that the goats in the front pasture were in the far distant corner.  For some reason I decided to trudge through the snow to them, hopefully to trim the hooves of  a couple of them. 

As I got near I noticed a baby goat lying in the snow and I knew immediately that Sheena had kidded.  I was expecting Judy to kid first, but I’d just left her at the barn–so it had to be Sheena. 

That’s when it got weird.

Joey, our Great Pyrennes guard dog, was sitting next to the kid, vigilantly protecting her–from her mother!  The kid was crying for her mother and Sheena was crying back.   But whenever Sheena tried to approach the kid, Joey would attack her.  I had to drive him away in order to let Sheena come to her.  By the time I got there Joey had torn off part of one of Sheena’s ears (he controls the goats by grabbing their ears).  I gathered up the kid and carried it to the barn, with Sheena following me.  I had to stop every few steps to chase off Joey.

By the time I got Sheena and the kid into a stall, she was having her second kid.  Both kids (females) are strong and healthy, and other than losing part of an ear to a freaked out guard dog, Sheena is fine.

But while Will and I were cleaning off the kids (and desperately hoping Cherie–the goat midwife–would return home soon), he noticed that Judy was making odd sounds in the next stall.

Within an hour of Sheena delivering twins, so did Judy.  Two more does.

Today is Will’s 20th birthday, and he’s not likely to forget how he spent it.

So we welcome into the White Flint family Barbie, Blondie, Ramona and Sharona, on a day that I’m sorry to say we had to say goodbye to Rita.

Love Wins


7 comments on “Simple Life

  1. Rachel says:

    What a day! So sorry to hear about Rita, I dig the names you gave the new gals though 🙂


  2. joeywahoo says:

    Hey Rachel: You’ve probably read my blog entry about why we name our animals. It’s a practice that I hope will continue at White Flint. By the way, the girls born today should be having their first kids in May, 2011. 🙂


  3. Rachel says:

    I don’t think I’ve read your post about why you name the animals (but I’d like to if you’ll kindly point me in the right direction). I do recall you telling us they’re mainly named after songs, though (which we love!).

    May 2011, eh? Sounds like I’ll be getting some goat-midwife training in the near future 🙂


  4. J Fowler says:

    Hi Bill, Happy Christmas!
    In the past week or so we’ve had eight kids born to five different nannies. My ankle is still healing from me twisting it a month ago so I haven’t seen them. Joe (who owns the place) and Pam have been tending to the mommas and babies. Joe even found one not long after it had been born in the creek! He saved it’s life. Last winter we lost a newborn kid in the cold creek. I’m glad that didn’t happen this time.

    I’m realizing that living on a farm involves intimately being acquainted with both life and death. It’s not always easy but somehow we can become wiser through it all I guess.

    It’s odd that your Joey would act like that but sometimes Bell (Joe’s Great Pyrennes dog)does odd things that seem like she thinks she’s doing her job but really she’s just causing more trouble. Like yanking on a goat’s back leg when they are stuck in the fence,etc. If only those dogs spoke english or if only we spoke dog 🙂

    Great new blog by the way!

    love you’all!


  5. […] I doubt I’ll ever forget the day Blondie was born.  It was one of the craziest days we’ve ever had on the farm.  For any interested, that story is HERE. […]


  6. […] Sheena and Joey loved one another, despite the fact that she liked to steal his dog food and despite the fact that he once ripped off part of one of her ears (that crazy story is told HERE). […]


  7. […] I well remember the day Sharona was born, nearly five years ago.  That was a day I won’t soon forget (the story is told HERE). […]


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