I’ve begun the process of trying to rehabilitate my ruined hive boxes.  Although Mother Nature would probably do the job just fine, I’m scraping off all the remains of the wax moth infestation, blowing the frames clean with the air compressor, then putting them in the freezer for a day to kill of any remaining larvae or eggs.  I’m really hoping we’ll be buzzing with bees again this summer.

And I’m also trying to repair the overgrown hooves of some of our goats.  Because our kidding cycle got messed up last year, so did my hoof trimming cycle.  As a result, some of the goats have badly overgrown and mishapen hooves.  They don’t like having their hooves trimmed (excepting Johnny, who seems indifferent to the process), but so far I’m winning the wrestling matches.

Scraping and repairing our roads is yet another winter clean-up project.  We’ve had a lot of hard rain this year, resulting in potholes and erosion.  A boxblade comes in handy around here.

The Geminids meteor shower was raining down last night.  It was a cold clear night, with no moon.  On nights like that the stars are magnificent out here, where there is no artificial light to drown them out.  From our back deck we could see Orion just above the roof-line to the south, the Big Dipper standing on its handle and rising in the northeast, the Pleiades overhead, and the Milky Way stretched across the sky.  As beautiful as nights like that are, the streaks of meteors made this one was even better.

Love Wins


Heaven is the face

As most of y’all probably know, Maria Chapman, the five year old daughter of Steven Curtis Chapman, was killed in May in a tragic accident. 

Love Wins