A frosty morning


We had a freeze and heavy frost last night.  After a day of cold rain that was a good thing.  This morning as I walked to do the chores the ground was solid beneath my feet, rather than a mushy muddy mess.

There is a morning routine here:  let the chickens out, put wood in the stove, feed Joey (our Great Pyrennes guard dog).  I usually try to give the chickens a treat, and this morning it was some cauliflower scraps and a bit of last night’s fish.   The birds always crowd around my feet in hopes of something and today was no different.  But as I walked to the barn to get Joey’s feed I noticed that one of the white hens was following me.  I assumed she was just hopeful that I’d produce some more treats, but as I went into the tack room she continued on the hay stack, and she climbed all the way to the top.  So I knew she must have a nest up there.

After feeding the dog and giving her time to lay and leave, I climbed up to investigate.  Sure enough, there were 15 eggs there.  She’s not sitting, at least not yet, so the eggs had to go to the compost pile.  I once found a nest like that with over 50 eggs in it.  Sometimes a hen will just decide she doesn’t want to lay in the nesting boxes.  So I covered the nest with a bale of hay in hopes that she’ll go back to laying where she’s supposed to.

Judy and Sheena should be kidding any time now.  I figure they were due sometime between November 21 and December 11.  They seem pregnant, but maybe they’re just fat.  When we bought them they were sickly and emaciated.  Cherie nearly cried when she saw them.  But now they’re White Flint fat and happy.

The last two days Judy has just waited in a stall in the barn, because I gave her a little sweet feed there.  She loves that stuff.  Sheena, on the other hand, won’t leave the other goats and come to the barn.  Hopefully she’ll come up before kidding. 

Yesterday I noticed that Marla’s hooves were badly in need of trimming.  Normally I trim them right after kidding, but since Marla didn’t kid this summer she didn’t get her hooves trimmed.  Anyway, as I was trimming them I was enjoying some Charlie Pastorfield on my ipod.  Suddenly the music stopped.  I looked up to see why and saw Marla chewing on the cord to the headphones.  Note to self:  don’t wear the ipod while trimming hooves.

Off to church soon.  We’re doing the Advent Conspiracy series and I love it.  It’s so cool to see churches around the world fighting consumerism and materialism, and encouraging the body to help our brothers and sisters in need instead.  Spend Less.  Love All.

Love Wins