In one of my lives, I am a lawyer.  In mid-August, not long after we returned from Haiti, I got involved in a new case.  It concerns disputes over insurance coverage from property damage to a bunch of hotels in Daytona Beach, caused by Hurricane Jeanne.

I was sitting in a meeting learning about the case, and it occured to me that I didn’t know much about that storm.  So with my PDA I went to Wikipedia and looked up Hurricane Jeanne.

And I learned that Jeanne was the storm that devastated Gonaives, Haiti, killing thousands of people there.  A full third of the orphans at Danita’s Children were rescued from Gonaives, and lost their families in those floods.

I found it amazing that back in the states, safe and removed from the misery of Haiti, my professional life would be dominated by Hurricane Jeanne.  And as we battle over money that will change hands as a result of that storm, I try to remind myself of those wonderful kids, and the horrible memories and grief that storm must have left them with.

Love Wins